Aqua decorative font

This is a decorative font that I found on typography served I thought it was pretty interesting I really like how round it is and the cool decorative elements of it


The Bio Alphabet of Mechanical Insects

I thought this was pretty interesting to see it was an alphabet made up of insect forms

Once again I’m posting

Well I’ve been really tired this morning so I haven’t had much to say other than I like so well once again I like

Posting a lot cause I’m super behind

I have actually started to enjoy this process it’s funny every few weeks I make a mad dash to post a lot because I’m behind but it’s like a sudden rush of design inspiration so it’s really cool

Wow sooo many ampersands

No words just post

Too many cool things on the net

So yeah I got a little distracted looking at cool typography

Cool book design

I thought this would be a cool post since we are doing book design sometimes I hate looking at stuff like this cause I get a little jealous that my book didn’t come out super cool like this