I thought this was pretty cool too

This umm well I don’t feel like talking about it so umm silent post



Umm I found the thing on the Website

This is a collection of work from the portfolio of Karoly Kiralyfalvi I saw it on typography served and I thought it was cool so here I am posting it I should probably update my blog more but I really don’t wanna

Louis Beaudoin

Umm I’ve really been finding these portfolios interesting this one also was

No Days Off

This is work from the portfolio of No Days Off a design firm from the UK
I thought that overall it was a pretty amazing portfolio and I really liked seeing it

From the Portfolio of Joe Nyggah

Honestly I just found his name to be funny but I’ve been posting interesting work from professional portfolios and well I saw this and said have to post I find it really interesting because I’ve seen often where they use white boxes to overprint their type over the image or color and this one does it differently by using rounded rectangles instead of a traditional box

Typographic Poster from Design Firm Form Troopers

I also thought that this was pretty interesting it actually follows all of the restrictions that we had for our type poster but this one looks so much more refined it was frustrating but post seeing this I will be updating my poster before they are due on Tuesday

From the portfolio of Digital Mash

I was looking up graphic design portfolios and well I found these while looking up portfolios of professional graphic designers. These images are from the portfolio of Rob Morris an Australian designer