Saw it

So yeah there was some kind of like back story behind this and I saw it on behance and a bunch of other stuff and blah blah blah


I just peeped this

So yeah I peeped this image on the web and well I need posts on my blog so I decided to post it this blog is actually a LOT of work truly like I can never really find anything blog worthy

I saw this cool picture

I personally really think that typographic elements juxtaposed over a photo manipulated collage is really cool effect so upon seeing this I thought immediately that I had to post it

WTF series by Minga

I saw these posted on quite some time ago and I thought they were pretty interesting so I decided to post about them and even though they aren’t typographically based I still thought they were pretty interesting here is the link to the rest of the series

IFC rebrand

This trend is also continued in the rebranding of IFC with there “Always On But Slightly Off” campaign this is a great illustration of the trend because it is SO typographically based sometimes having promos with only text in them so the trend seems to be catching on I feel that in the future this trend will continue and I don’t really know why this has occurred though

NBC 2010 rebrand

In 2010 NBC went through a rebrand of it’s own with the “More Colorful” campaign and to me I has a strong typographic focus as I illustrated in my previous post I felt that this is quickly becoming a re-occuring theme among television network rebrand so I decided to post more evidence of this

Comedy Central’s new identity


<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'Comedy Central: Refreshed and Rededicated
Comedy Central Press
Tosh.0 Funny Jokes The Comedy Awards

This is a video identifying Comedy Central’s new identity as I was looking at this I noticed that a lot of television companies were rebranding with a more typographic focus like NBC and IFC both have a strong focus on typography in their identity now